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Universe Solar System Bracelet

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Bracelets with Magical Powers

This is a highly requested product among our customers. It has dark hematite faceted spacers and a Saturn-shaped hematite circle.


There are many symbolic meanings associated with the circle, including the circle of life, the infinity of the universe, planets, stars, timelessness, totality, and wholeness. Symbolically, the circle also represents love, karma, and divinity.



Guardian Star Earth Space Bracelet: Wear this bracelet as a symbol of your connection to the universe and as a reminder of the vastness and beauty of our planet Earth. Let it inspire you to explore, dream, and reach for the stars.



It's also a diffuser bracelet: Place a drop of your favorite essential oil on one of the lava beads on the bracelet. Wait a few minutes for the oil to absorb into the bead before putting it on.



A gift for yourself or a thoughtful gift for a birthday, holiday, graduation, going away party, incentive, changing jobs, bridesmaids or the beginning of any new journey.

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