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Tarot Card Deck Protector

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Protect The Precious Energies of Your Tarot

Powerful protection

The overall use of advanced reinforcement technology, effective protection of valuable tarot cards will not be impacted, bumped, bent and other injuries.

Magnetic Opening and Closing

Built-in hidden four strong magnets, by them to complete the opening and closing of the Tarot box, to maintain the beauty of the same time, save or get the Tarot cards easy and convenient, accidentally dropped will not let the cards scattered all over the floor.

Large Capacity

After repeated revisions and upgrades, the current version not only holds your standard size tarot cards, but also supports expansion to 95 or thicker cards.

The box is the leather material, which is durable and comfortable to use. Fine Design: The box has a flip cover design that makes it easy to store items and makes it easy to take in and out of the box items.
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They make wonderful gifts for tarot readers from beginner to experienced, plus collectible card collectors!

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