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Seven Chakras Orgonite Necklace

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It's Time to Balance Your Energies.

Chakra jewelry helps you maintain your mental balance, eliminate negative energy, and promote spiritual healing.

Necklace is made with 7 natural stones of crystals and gems.


Its vibration is the first chakra, root. AGATE and SUN STONE, its vibration is second chakra, sacral. CITRINE, its vibration of the third chakra, solar plexus. MALACHITE, its vibration is the fourth chakra, heart chakra. TURQUOISE and LAPISLAZULI, its vibration is from the fifth chakra, throat. AMETHYST, its vibration the sixth chakra, chakra of the third eye. QUARTZ, the vibration is from the seventh chakra, crown chakra. Size 1.57 in



"Om" is the primordial sound of the universe, which represents the first sound and symbolizes the union with the universe. Om is a meditation practice mantra, it helps to focus the mind and reach a deep state of concentration and connection with energy or divine consciousness.



 Each necklace is carefully crafted by hand, ensuring a unique, high-quality piece designed to support your spiritual journey. The adjustable cord necklace allows you to place your orgone pendant over the heart chakra, plexus chakra, or throat chakra to protect it however you like. You can also use it as a choker its size 1.57 inches. It is small and light that fits any style.


Citrine Malachite Tuorquoise Amethyst Coral Agate Lapizlazuli Quartz chacra

It amplifies the positive energy generated by crystals, balancing your chakras and giving you a constant flow of protective and healing energy. Enhances orgonite's ability to transmute negative energies. Tune in to your orgone, each one is designed with symbols that contain their own meaning. It does not produce allergies to metals, since these are inside the resin. 100% handmade, with natural crystals, recycled metals.


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