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Natural Crystal Energy Generator Pyramid

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Healing Crystal Pyramid with Healing Powers

Orgonite are special orgone pyramid energy generator that absorbs harmful energy waving around it and transforms it into beneficial energy waves and radiates out, never stops. The orgone It is suitable for yoga, meditation, spirituality and spiritual protection.



Natural amethyst quartz inside the orgone pyramid can enhance wisdom and creativity, improve intuition and subconsciousness, very suitable for friends who need to use their brains. Amethyst is also considered to be the "Guardian Stone of Love", which can enhance the feelings between lovers.



Obsidian corresponds to the Muladhara in the seven chakras of the human body, which can effectively eliminate the negative energy of the body, avoid the interference of negative energy, and increase energy. Whether it is placed on the body closely or at home, these protection crystal energy pyramids are the best guardian stone in life!


The orgone pyramid is made of natural amethyst quartz, obsidian crystal, flower of life symbol and mixed gold leaf, using resin surface to make the whole healing crystal pyramid clearer.


Orgone pyramids size: About 2.36in×2.36in×2.55in, Weight: 3.88oz.


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